When you purchase event flowers, you look for beautiful arrangements and backdrops. Stunning flower installations can really enhance and make an event look perfect. The creativity that goes into flower installations for events is quite amazing and sets apart a visually stunning event from an ordinary one. You can have classic, modern, edgy, and lots of other styles depending on the nature of the occasion.

However, did you think about where these flowers came from?  And where they go afterwards? Our sister company Liquid Strings was once involved in an event in a beautiful central London venue and after the event the organisers were walking around asking if anyone wanted any flowers as they were just going to be thrown away otherwise. Our musician said yes please as these were amazing flower arrangements and came in small as well as large arrangements so could be carried. However, there were so many flowers and not enough people at the event to take them. Working at this event we remember thinking what a waste it was. Nothing against the event planners – they just hadn’t considered this.

In starting Lee & Klein Events, we were determined to look for florists who sourced their flowers ethically and locally. Organic flowers – even better. We found an organic cut flower farm that grow and sell beautiful seasonal British cut flowers sustainably and without the use of artificial chemicals. As well as being one of the very first Soil Association certified organic flower growers in the UK, they are also a Social Enterprise.

It’s not just flowers in events though. There are also trees, living walls and other ‘natural’ installations. We think it’s great if these are reusable so that you can hire them or buy to reuse in more than one event, depending on your needs.

There are companies that offer both of these services. So for example, you could hire a faux ‘living wall’ which has the look of dense foliage but is not real and can be used over and over again, rather than something taken from nature and then….well, we don’t know what happens after the event! It gets taken away and that’s that. Of course, it’s nice to think of something being ‘real’ and indoors. But what about something that doesn’t impact the environment and can be re-used whilst still looking fabulous?

Going back to flowers, it’s true that artificial flowers don’t always pass the muster for certain events. And we are not suggesting that real flowers shouldn’t be used. After all, planting flowers benefits the environment by creating more carbon dioxide absorbing and oxygen-radiating plants.

But we do think that what happens to them after an event is important (it may be that they’re only used for a couple of hours in a shorter event). This is where a company like Floral Angels comes in. Floral Angels is a small charity where they take flowers left over after events and recycle them into bouquets. These are then distributed to local care homes, hospices and other organisations where they will bring pleasure to deserving people. What a great idea this is and how lovely to think of the flowers having a second and longer life and bringing joy to people in difficult circumstances.

So, in summary we wanted to introduce two simple concepts that may not always be thought about. Where are the event flowers we see in hundreds of events coming from? And where are they going afterwards?

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