English Garden Themed Party (Indoors or Outdoors) - Organised by Lee & Klein

English Garden Themed Party

Everyone loves a garden party.  The weather doesn’t always play ball though, so we have an English Garden Party that’s just as effective indoors as it is outside!

There are lots of elements that can be combined to create the perfect English Garden Party.  It’s a classic theme that is very adaptable. You may wish to have a more traditional high tea with bubbles, some retro jazz from a bygone era and a few games of crochet.  Or perhaps you’d like a more informal barbecue and some games of giant Jenga, as well as a cocktail fountain. Maybe a posh picnic theme? There are so many possibilities.

The sky is the limit and we always welcome your suggestions, which we will turn into party gold. Together we can create an amazing garden party that you’ll remember for years to come!

Here are some ideas for having a great garden party. Please note that although we can provide packages, these are flexible and not set in stone:

  • Themed catering/high tea options.
  • Classic summer cocktails – Pimms/Summer Cup etc. Floral gin cocktails and ones invented for your particular event by master mixologists.
  • A nitro ice cream buggy or parlour that can produce unlimited ice cream in a spectacular and wonderfully original way. Think ice cream van of the future!
  • A tipsy fountain that makes cocktails, so you don’t have to wait for yours to be made – you simply help yourself.
  • Games like crochet, giant Jenga or Twister, hoopla, skittles and many more.
  • A garden party themed magician.
  • A silhouette artist to cut out beautiful portraits of you and your guests and put on card as mementos of the party.
  • Musical entertainment options – for example, a vintage jazz clarinet trio in suits and straw boaters. Toe tapping and fun, this music is summery and breezy. Or perhaps a modern guitar and vocal duo? Or a string quartet?
  • A human tree/walking hedge option for a bit of extra fun and photo opportunities.
  • A garden themed photo booth if you want some fun photos for keepsakes and social media.
  • Garden party props and decorations, whether inside or outside. From Mad Hatter to classic English rose garden, there are lots of possibilities.

The fun element is what is needed in a successful garden party. It can still be hugely stylish and cool, but fun is essential. Loads of great drinks, entertainment and atmosphere will mean that all your guests should have a fantastic time!

So get in touch to discuss the specifics of your English Garden Party today.

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