Medieval Themed Party - Organised by Lee & Klein Events

Medieval Themed Party

Escape into the past with a medieval themed party organised by Lee & Klein Events. Imagine great outfits, big delicious feasts (goblet in hand), excellent medieval props, fun party games and more.

With the fascination for this period of history, we can work with you to put on a historically accurate event, based on a particular time and place. Or we can just have a lot of fun and play with the general theme and all the ideas that spring from it. Here are some ideas for your forthcoming medieval event:

  • Medieval feast of various meat, with fish and vegetarian options. Hog roasts are very popular!
  • Props such as medieval arches, flags, stocks, suits of armour and more.
  • Medieval musicians – wandering minstrels, madrigal singers and the like (playing authentic medieval musical instruments).
  • Jesters in full costume – on stilts, juggling and dancing.
  • Knights who have staffs that shoot fire – a dramatic and dazzling spectacle for your guests and a great way to get the medieval party started.
  • Knights on horses – not real horses, but these chivalrous knights have slapstick fights and are great fun for a lighter touch at an event.
  • Medieval magicians and other entertainment acts.

So let us do the work and you enjoy the revelry! A medieval event is fun, probably a bit loud and a bit wild. That all takes some preparation and some great suppliers. We can help you to have a fabulous event without any of the stress and time spent trying to make it work. Contact us today to find out more.

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