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Space Themed Party

Sci-fi, space and futuristic themes are an exciting way to engage your guests, whether it’s a children’s party or a big corporate event.

Our fascination with aliens, new planet discoveries and technical innovation means that this is always a relevant theme for a party! Here are some of the huge number of elements that can be incorporated into your event to make it a stand out success:

  • Space age catering – from canapés to a 3-course extravaganza and all with a futuristic twist (whilst still being delicious of course!).
  • Amazing LED walls and floors for immersive futuristic scene setting.
  • Theme props that can create an artistic future scene or a Star Trek backdrop as well as much more.
  • Futuristic table settings and bars.
  • Futuristic music acts – LED drums that sample DJ loops, electric violinists with laser shows and more.
  • Stunning robots that can walk around ‘shooting’ guests and also do cool dance moves.
  • Retro arcade games (Space Invaders, Asteroids, etc.)
  • An astronaut (great for photos!).
  • Amazing LED light jugglers.
  • Space age hosts/hostesses.
  • Alien stilt walkers.

A futuristic or space themed event is a chance to be creative and come up with some great props and entertainment. It’s the kind of theme that can really get your imagination going and can be as fun as it can be stylish. We love to help create unique futuristic events that will leave your guests feeling amazed and excited. Contact us today to find out more.

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